The Mouflon Story

The Mouflon Story

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Team: 4 participants per team
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"The Mouflon Story" offers an engaging indoor experience that traces the captivating journey of a football team. Participants are involved in a series of quizzes and riddles, fostering cooperation and problem-solving skills. This interactive workshop aims to highlight the impact of diverse behaviors and attitudes in the professional sphere, emphasizing their crucial role in everyday performance. Designed as a fun team-building exercise, it doesn't require prior knowledge of sports, ensuring inclusivity and engagement for all participants.


  • Recognize the importance of strong teamwork in the organisation
  • Apply effective communication techniques in teams
  • Appreciate the importance of taking initiatives
  • Allocate work based on the team member’s talents and skills
  • Lead people effectively
  • Appreciate the importance of strong relationships in the organization
  • Identify factors that affect Human performance

Following the exercise, the facilitator will conduct a debriefing session, wherein participants will be encouraged to share their experience, the challenges that arose during the exercise, their teamwork dynamics and performance, what they could improve and how that relates to their actual work challenges. The aim is for participants to gain understanding and identify areas of improvement and growht through sharing and self-reflection.

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