i-BrainTech: Neurotraining for Athletic Performance & Return to Play

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GDA Sports presents to Cyprus an Israeli sports NEUROTRAINING brain game from i-BrainTech.

Israeli sports technology company i-BrainTech, a pioneer in athletic brain training, will expand its operation to Cyprus. Dr. Konstantin Sonkin Co-Founder & CEO of i-BrainTech, will present the technology, developed with input from professional athletes and industry leaders, incorporates proven neuroscientific principles and machine learning algorithms, based on 10+ years of academic research. Already trusted by top professional athletes in leagues such as the Premier League and MLS, i-BrainTech’s technology is leading the change in the world of cognitive training.

Results showed an increase in more than 30% just after two months - with 35% in accuracy and 33% in power.

Event Info:
  • 3rd March, 2023
  • 11:00
  • G.S.P. Conference Center, Nicosia
  • FREE
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Event Single


The presentation will take place on Friday, 3rd of March at the G.S.P. Conference Center.
For more information, contact GDA Sports: [email protected], +37596797111


Time Subject Speaker
11:00 - 11:15 Keynote Speech Dr. Konstantin Sonkin, Co-Founder & CEO iBrainTech
11:15 - 12:45 Technology Demo Yoav Zamir, CTO i-BrainTech
12:45 Networking Coffee & Additional Demos


  • Customer Testimonails

    Dr. Konstantin Sonkin

    Dr. Konstantin Sonkin is the Co-Founder & CEO of i-BrainTech, a Tel-Aviv based neurotechnology company on a mission to radically enhance cognitive functioning, unlock human potential and solve real-world issues with applied neuroscience. Prior to launching i-BrainTech, Konstantin spent more than a decade conducting research relating to neuroscience and AI. He has published multiple scientific papers and holds a PhD in Computer Science. Konstantin previously led an R&D team at Tel Aviv University School of Neuroscience, a novel center for innovation, who under his guidance, successfully developed AI-based neuro-interfaces to support restoration of brain function in stroke patients.

  • Customer Testimonails

    Yoav Zamir

    Yoav Zamir is the Co-Founder and CTO of i-BrainTech, a Tel-Aviv based neurotechnology company unlocking human potential with applied neuroscience.

    Prior to launching i-BrainTech, Yoav spent several years conducting research in the field of applied neuroscience, more specifically, brain-computer interfaces (BCIs), receiving his BS and MSc in neuroscience from Tel Aviv University. His master’s thesis focused on virtual reality (VR) neurofeedback treatment for OCD patients. Yoav led an accomplished R&D team in the "Brainboost Innovation Center for Applied Research" at the esteemed Sagol School of Neuroscience. Under Yoav’s leadership, the team successfully created and implemented a unique BCI to support the restoration of brain functions in patients with severe motor dysfunction. Yoav’s strong academic qualifications in the niche field of BCIs, extensive practical experience, and ability to successfully lead large R&D teams enables him to solve real-world problems with applied neuroscience.

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